Startup advice is only good if its from a credible source, well, who is David S.Rose, you may ask if you’re not familar with Singularity University or Quora, in his own words, he is “a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor, based in New York. As an inveterate startup guy, I’ve founded half a dozen companies since my first at age 10, and as ‘super angel’ technology investor, I have funded over 100 others. I am the founder and CEO of Gust, the entrepreneurial finance industry’s infrastructure platform; author of Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money & Having Fun Investing in Startups; founder and Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels, one of the leading angel groups on the East Coast; Managing Principal of Rose Tech Ventures, an early-stage ‘super angel’ fund specializing in Internet-based business; and Partner in True Global Ventures (an international super-angel venture capital fund).”

I know him as one of the most respected authorities on Quora on startup investing and for his role at Singularity University, therefore, I thought he would be ideal candidate for the following question on Start up he clearly has made so many good decisions and has been proactive in demonstrating his mastery on Quora..

I asked David S.Rose on Quora “How do you make good decisions” he answered with:


“…all I can testify to under oath is that I try to do the best I can with my decision-making. That being said, my approach to decision-making is the same as it is to life in general (because life is simply a series of decisions in response to—or intended to trigger—outside stimuli). It comes down to three words: proactive, pragmatic and benevolent. These words govern my life, and, in turn, my decisions:

Start up Advice 1.

The most important thing, as I have noted elsewhere it to make a decision in the first place. NOT making one is tantamount to letting someone or something else make it for you. As such, I am constantly making affirmative decisions, and not just letting “nature take its course”.

Start Up Advice 2

I am as optimistic and starry-eyed as every other entrepreneur, but if there’s one thing I have painfully learned over the years, it is that you have to think, plan and act in light of reality: people, resources, market forces, and the like. I try to consider the complete context in which the decision is being made, think through the potential outcomes and ramifications, and assess how likely it realistically is for me to deliver on whatever the decision calls for me to do.

Start Up Advice 3

My general operating principle in life is to try to advance the world while not harming myself. Whether one thinks of this in the sense of the Jewish concept of ‘tikun olam’ (healing the world), or in the sense of Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand‘ advancing society as the direct result of individuals attempting to self-optimize, I will always try to take the path of advancing the game for all players, myself included. I do not in any way, shape or form consider life to be a zero sum game, and I try to approach decisions with the outlook of someone familiar with the strategy developed for the Iterated Prisoner’s dilemma game.

I’m not sure if this very personal approach to decision-making would be particularly useful to anyone else…but you asked!”