In alphabetical order:

Marc Andreessen– Founder of Andreessen Horowitz (venture capital firm); co-founder of Netscape and Opsware; investor in Digg, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Michael Arrington– Founder of TechCrunch and CrunchFund.

Ivan Brockman– Senior Managing Director the Blackstone Group.

Greg Becker– CEO of Silicon Valley Bank.

Marc Benioff – Founder of Salesforce; angel investor in Mashery, Qik, Zuora and sift science. Formerly at Oracle.

Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon , angel investor in Google, Twitter, 37 Signals and Social Gaming Network.

Marc Bodnick – Community at Quora; formerly at Elevation Partners; former board member of Yelp, Forbes.

Sergey Brin – Co-founder Google.

Jeff Bussgang – GP of Flybridge Capital Partners.

Steve Case – CEO of AOL; founder of Revolution Start Up Fund and Startup America Partnership.

Pete Cashmore – CEO of Mashable

Jim Clark  – Co-founder of Silicon Graphics, Inc., Netscape and Healtheon

David Cohen – Co-founder of Techstars.

Ron Conway – Co-founder of SV Angel, investor in Google, Facebook, Digg , PayPal and Twitter

Owen Davies – Managing director of NYC Seed, Sonata and Petal computing.

Chris Dixon – Partner of Founder Collective, angel investor in Skype, and @daily booth

Jack Dorsey – CEO of Twitter and Square.

Tim Draper –  CEO of Draper Fisher Jurvetson; invested in Skype, Hotmail, Plug and Play, Baidu and Overtures.

Larry Ellison– Founder of Oracle ; investor in Salesforce.

 Brad Feld – CEO of Foundry Group

Jason Fried – Founder of 37signals (company that created Ruby on Rails (web framework))

Kai Fu Li – Founder of Innovation Works; worked for Google in China

Bill Gates– Co-founder of Microsoft

Paul Graham – Co-founder of Y Combinator; investor in Google Acquires Bump (September 2013), Reddit (website) and Viaweb.

 Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos; Co-founder of Link Exchange (acquired by Microsoft for $265m).

Reed Hastings – CEO of Netflix , Pure Software; investor in Facebook.

Reid Garrett Hoffman – Co-founder of LinkedIn (product); VC at Greylock Partners (venture capital firm); angel investor in Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, Ning, Zynga and

Drew Houston – CEO of Dropbox (product).

Mitch Kapor – Co-founder of the Lotus Development Corporation and Electronic Frontier Foundation; founding chairman of the Mozilla Foundation.

Richard Kramlich – Co-founder of New Enterprise Associates, which has invested in Salesforce, Groupon and Gilt Groupe

Ashton Kutcher – Investor in Airbnb, Path (social network), Skype (product)

Pejman Nozad – Former rug merchant, GP at Amidzad, investor in Peek, Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) and Dropbox (product).

Marissa Mayer– Pioneering Google engineer, CEO of Yahoo! (company), investor in Minted, Square (company)

Yuri Milner – Founder of Digital Sky Technologies; investor in Facebook, Twitter (product) and Groupon

Dave McClure – Founder of 500 Startups, director of Simply Hired and former director of marketing for PayPal (product).

Dustin Moskovitz – Co-founder of Facebook and CEO of Asana (product).

Elon Musk – Co-founder, PayPal (product), Tesla-Motors-Inc and SpaceX.

Larry Page – Co-founder of Google; investor in Tesla Motors and 23andMe (company)

 Mark Pincus – CEO of Zynga

Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi – Co-founders of AngelList, and Venture Tips and Hacks.

Keith Rabois– Investor in LinkedIn (product), YouTube, Yelp (product), Udemy (company); former exec at PayPal, COO at Square (company)

Chris Sacca – MD of Lowercase Capital, investor in Twitter (product); former Google exec.

Eric Schmidt – Chairman and former CEO of Google; former board-member at Apple (company)

Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook; former VP of Global Sales at Google, and Chief of Staff for US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers; serves on the board of The Walt Disney Company (company)

John Stumpf – CEO of Wells Fargo Bank

Mark Suster– Partner of GRP Partners (venture capital firm), blogger of @Both sides of the Table

Peter Thiel– Co-founder of PayPal (product) and Clarium Capital; investor in Facebook, LinkedIn (product), Yelp (product) and Zynga

David S. Rose – Founder of Rose Tech Ventures and Gust (company)

 Evan Williams– CEO of Twitter (product); co-founder of Blogger (product)

Fred Wilson – Founding partner of Union Square Ventures (venture capital firm); investor in Twitter (product), Zynga, Meetup, Etsy and Tumblr.

Mark Zuckerberg– Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook.