• “Will I do this? Will I do that?”When it comes to decision making, at the most fundamental level, we tend to only consider how we want to take more control over the decisions we make. However, there are some neuroscientists who argue that, it doesn’t even matter what we think we want to decide to do, there is some other invisible hand guiding our actions. Do things happen when I decide them and will them to it, or am I controlled by something else? Here is a short video from the findings of the Benjamin Libet, who asserts that we are not the recipient of our conscious intentions he may be a Nobel Prize winner, but he’s wrong..


    The picture is of Peter Sellars as Dr. Strangelove, the classic Kubrick film. Dr. Strangelove, advises the President on game theory strategy regarding nuclear war; however, peculiarly, has a “tick” which suggests he doesn’t have full control over himself..presenting us with the model of the great decision maker who, ironically, is not fully in control of all of his own decisions…great film with a 99% rating..